Here are a few things you may like to know about me:

I have a gaggle of girls, three in total and they are quite possibly the most photographed children of our time. They are simply the best.

I have a husband who smiles warmly when I want to buy camera gear and a family who have been every kind of “model”.

I am a small town Nelson, BC girl at heart.

I am a trained Photographer and School Teacher. They surprisingly mesh really well together.

I hope to inspire youth to explore photography.

I secretly love photographing behind the scenes at events such as weddings; the best moments happen in chaos and emotion.

I eat dark chocolate every day and I pick only red jellybeans out of the candy bowl.

I am an obsessive gardener and wonder often why my garden doesn’t look at all like the pictures I collect.

I am always early and over-prepared for everything. It drives my husband crazy.

I love learning new things, I love spontaneity and I love to meet new people.

I hope to connect with you sometime. Thanks for stopping by.